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Maricopa County Shelters are in need of Blocks of Ice. There is no AC only Evap Cooling and as you know we are expected to reach at least 117 tomorrow. Evaporative Cooling can only reduce the temp by about 20 degrees, so it will be around 100 degrees in the shelters. The plan is to put blocks of ice in front of fans and blow the cooler air toward the dogs.
We have been asked and have agreed to assist in getting ice for the animals at the shelters. We have agreed to donate at least $150.00 for 100 blocks of ice. If you are able to donate to provide blocks of ice for the Maricopa County shelters please click our link below, then click Donate to be linked to our PayPal account. Hopefully with your help we can provide more than 100 blocks of ice. If you choose to donate please make sure you put ICE as the purpose for the donation so we can make sure the money is allocated properly. All donations are tax deductible.
Thank you!