The AZWR always needs good foster homes for the rescued dogs.

Benefits of Fostering

-Saving weims who would otherwise be euthanized or left in bad situations

-Provides a positive experience for the weim(s). Many of the rescues have had traumatic experiences and a place where they will have a great experience that turns their life around

-Allows time for the weim to readjust and receive training. Many rescues lack basic training. The foster (with help from the AZWR) provides structure and basic skills needed to prepare the dog for their fur-ever home. This training helps ensure that the dog has a permanent placement.

-Seeing a foster placed in a forever home is a tremendously rewarding experience. The dogs go through a great deal of growth and


Fostering Requirements

-Once an individual has been approved for fostering and a dog placed, it is expected that the foster will care for the dog until a permanent home has been found. These are very sensitive dogs who often have had traumatic experiences and shuffling them around from home to home is not in their best interest. Fostering a dog can be for anywhere from a couple weeks to several months depending upon how long it takes to find a permanent home.

-Provide basic food and shelter.

-Provide basic skills training. AZWR can assist where needed with positive training techniques.

-Treat the foster as it were your own in that s/he should be shown equal treatment to any other existing pets.


Please note that fostering a dog is not a waiver of the adoption fee if you decide to adopt. The adoption fee goes towards microchipping, vaccinations and medical costs for the rescue.


Screening Process

​-Submit a foster application below
​-We’ll call you for a phone interview
-We will then arrange a home visit
​-Once we have a dog we think is a good fit, we’ll arrange for you to meet him/her​ 

Please answer each item thoroughly and completely.  Incomplete applications will be discarded.  Upon receipt and review, we will contact you – this may take up to a week or longer.  If you do not receive a reply after 2 weeks, please email us to verify we received your application.

Completion of this form does not guarantee acquisition of a dog or acceptance of foster home.


Foster Application

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