Arizona Weimaraner Rescue is a federally recognized non-profit group (501c3) based in Phoenix, Arizona that is dedicated to educating prospective weim owners and matching abandoned weimaraners to quality, loving and dedicated homes. 

Arizona Weimaraner Rescue is also affiliated with the Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona (CABRA), a non-profit corporation organized for charitable purposes. Its member rescues are dedicated to rescuing and finding good homes for purebred (and mixed breed) dogs. 

Rebecca Kapp heads the Arizona Weimaraner Rescue and is president of CABRA and past president of Phoenix Field and Obedience Club (PFOC).

  Amazing Dogs who need Permanent Loving Homes!
Meet BENSON, an incredibly sweet, calm and gentle five year-old boy. Benson was rescued from the Douglas, AZ shelter. He came to rescue with a broken, infected tail and extreme tick fever, which he has been treated for now. Unfortunately, the fever was already so advanced that as a result, he lost his eyesight. He has been to a specialist to verify the cause of his blindness. Benny has come such a long way while in rescue. He loves being around other calm dogs. He is learning to use his ears and nose to help guide him. 
He deserves to know love and care. He has spent the first part of his life being neglected and abandoned, and has paid for it with his sight. He is a loving boy, and wants so badly to be part of a family. 
He is ready to find his hero. Is it you?

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Saving Benson
Saving Benson

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Low Cost Microchip and Vaccination Clinics

The Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona (CABRA) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization conducts low cost microchip and vaccination clinics.  

When: Next clinics are November 2, January 18, and March 15.

Where: University of Arizona Maricopa Co. Cooperative Extension, 4341 E. Broadway in Phoenix

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Vaccinations: Rabies, Parvo/distemper, bordetella, 

Prices: per each vaccination and HomeAgain microchip

No. of Animals      Microchip Only      Each Shot for Animals with Microchips         Each Shot for Animals without Microchips

         1-5                       $20                                              $15                                                                 $20

        6-10                      $25                                              $20                                                                 $25

       11-15                     $25                                              $25                                                                 $30

Prices are significantly lower than full-service veterinarians
                                                                                Open to public  
                                                                                No office visit charge
                                                                                No appointment necessary
                                                                                Veterinarian administers vaccinations and microchips

See for additional details and dates

Some pictures from the Howl A Weim Party. Fun time for dogs and people. It was great to see the dogs and their loving owners having a great time.
This beautiful little boy is Gus. He is only 6 months old, and was diagnosed with congenital Megaesophagus. His family did a great job keeping him healthy despite such a difficult disease to manage, but due to unforseen life changes they were no longer able to care for his special needs. He started to lose weight and has already suffered from bloat once. After some searching, his family found us and when they read about our megaesophagus girl Paloma, who had a very long and cherished life, they decided we were the best place for him to go and have the best chance. 
 There was only one problem... Gus lived in Mississippi. After speaking to local rescues, who were either too full or not equipped to handle such a special needs case, we came highly recommended (thank you fellow Weimaraner rescues!) Despite the distance, they still wanted him to come to us, and because of his health concerns, he needed to get here as quickly and as stress free as possible.
 Thanks to everyone's quick donations, we were able to book his flight and he arrived in Arizona on March 23rd. 

 On March 25th, after being fed in his chair and sitting upright for over an hour, he seemed to be doing well. 4 hours after his evening feeding he woke Rebecca up by vomiting all over her. He continued to vomit 4 more times. He was seen at the vet the next morning and it was confirmed by the vet that he was already developing some upper respiratory signs (early pneumonia) as a result of aspiration.

 Often times when megaesophagus is diagnosed in a young pup, they have what is called a persistent aortic arch, which is something that can be surgically repaired. We and our vets were really hoping that was the case for Gus. Unfortunately, when we received his radiographs from the vets who had seen him with his previous owner, sadly, they confirmed his esophagus was not one that could be repaired. So now the best we can hope for is to manage his disease.

 By March 31st, we had been unsuccessful in keeping food down him. He had lost 4 lbs in a week, and considering how underweight he was to start with, he could not afford to lose anymore. After consulting with an internal medicine specialist, we made the decision to hospitalize him on IV nutrition for a couple of days before having him undergo anesthesia to place a stomach feeding tube. 

 He was still being fed small meals in his chair while at the hospital, and after just 24 hours of being in the hospital, he had held down 4 out of 4 meals! This makes us very hopeful, but we still decided to go ahead and proceed with the surgery to place the stomach feeding tube. The hope is that by bypassing the esophagus and being fed directly into the stomach, the inflammation in his esophagus can heal, and with less irritation he will be less likely to regurgitate his food once the tube is removed. We will know more after the surgery.

 4/2/15: Gus came out of surgery around 2pm and is doing well.

 He had started regurgitating again this morning before the procedure, so we are doubly glad we decided to go ahead with placing the tube. 

 We were hoping that there was a stricture (a narrowing) where the esophagus meets the stomach and that was what was causing him to not be able to hold the food down, but again, that was not the case. His esophagus is just very large, and there are several pockets in it that were filling up and holding the food so it was not allowing it to get to the stomach. He needs to stay overnight in the hospital again tonight because he can't be fed through the tube until tomorrow and they want to make sure that the everything with the tube is working before he can go home. 

 That was not on the original estimate, so we are still needing donations if anyone is able.

 4/3/15: Gus came home from the hospital. He is still regurgitating liquid but the food is staying down. They think the liquid that is coming up is from the pockets in his esophagus that were seen with the endoscope. His esophagus could not be completely emptied during his surgery, although they did manage to flush quite a few out. Since that was not what the surgery was for, they couldn't spend a bunch of time (and didn't want to keep him under anesthesia any longer than necessary) trying to get into all those pockets. Hopefully once the inflammation goes down, the pockets will be smaller so his food won't get stuck in them and come back up once the tube can be removed.

 His final bill was $4,195 for his hospital stay and surgery. Coupled with his flight and his original vet visit and meds that is closer to $4600, so unfortunately we had to increase his fundraiser amount yet again. Please keep sharing and donating. Thank you to everyone who has helped us help him so far. We couldn't have gotten this far without YOU!

 We are trying everything we can to help this little guy, but it is a huge undertaking. If you can contribute, the link to his fundraiser is below:

Arrives in Arizona at Arizona Weimaraner Rescue
Gus after surgery
Gus being greeted upon his arrival at home
Arizona Weimaraner Rescue
is collecting bags of shoes which will be given to people who do not have shoes.
Please call 
for information on where to drop off your bags.
Thank you.