Federal Non-Profit

Arizona Weimaraner Rescue is a federally recognized non-profit group (501c3) based in Phoenix, Arizona that is dedicated to educating prospective weim owners and matching abandoned weimaraners to quality, loving and dedicated homes.

Dedicated to the Dogs

Arizona Weimaraner Rescue is also affiliated with the Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona (CABRA), a non-profit corporation organized for charitable purposes. Its member rescues are dedicated to rescuing and finding good homes for purebred (and mixed breed) dogs.

How You Can Help

The Arizona Weimaraner Rescue is always in need of donations to cover the medical and food costs with the rescued Weims. We also accept everyday items such as leashes, collars and toys. 100% of every donation is spent on the dogs themselves.

Amazon Smile

Arizona Weimaraner Rescue is registered with Amazon Smile. If you select the rescue, 1% of all your Amazon purchases are donated. To sign up for free, go here.

True Weim Tales

This beautiful little boy is Gus. He is only 6 months old, and was diagnosed with congenital Megaesophagus. His family did a great job keeping him healthy despite such a difficult disease to manage, but due to unforseen life changes they are no longer able to care for his special needs. He started to lose weight and had already suffered from bloat once.



Ada is a 2 year old girl we rescued from a shelter in southern Arizona. We noticed right away that she walked a little odd, almost bow-legged, but it wasn't until we took her to the park for photos to promote her that we noticed something was very off about her run. She would throw out her back right leg when running, and after exercise, she began to limp heavily on that leg.



Winny, a 5 week old weimaraner was found abandoned and brought to us for aid. Her right eye appears to have ruptured and has a severe infection. We took her to the vet immediately and discovered she also has coccidia, an intestinal parasite.



Seeking a Fur-Ever Home!